Coach Bri Edwards

Specializing in confidence, dating, divorce recovery, expired relationship, manifesting, relationships, self love, and sexuality!

Coach Bri Edwards

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I believe there is a creative life force in each person and that each of us has the ability to direct this force in a manner which allows it to flow unhindered within us. When we harness this positive energy and allow it to guide us, we can attain peace and enjoy the abundance of life.

I have experienced overwhelming yet enlightening emotion and have found proactive and practical ways not only to deal with them, but to use the energy from these emotions in creative ways so that I am able to engage my prior experiences to unburden myself from the repercussions of these feelings. Ultimately my goal is to always bring myself back to my center where positive and creative energy can guide me. I also appreciate the cerebral component of gravitating to my center so I place a lot of importance