Coach Amber Giauque Callender

Specializing in dating, divorce recovery, family, life transitions, and parenting!

Coach Amber Giauque Callender

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Amber’s life is built around service, leadership, community, justice and advocacy. She’s co-parenting two amazing teenagers, and knows a lot about loss, love, and hope.

She specializes in working with clients to navigate transition and healing of all types, and deeply believes that the power to create your best life lies within YOU. You may, like so many of us, need that extra coaching to help you create and maintain the life you're meant to live.

Amber first discovered coaching as a client in her own executive career. Here, she found and nurtured the leader within through deep work around her impossibly complicated and treasured personal life.


Amber offers phone-based sessions for all clients with the option for in-person coaching to those in and around Denver, Colorado.