Coach Cynthia Della Ripa

Specializing in anxiety, boundary setting, dating, intimacy, purpose & calling, relationships, and romance!

Coach Cynthia Della Ripa

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Slowing down and paying attention to your truth is the first step in the healing process. We all carry a script of ourselves based on past experiences and beliefs passed on to us.  This script may create many limitations and false truths about who we really are, causing us to live in misalignment with our true selves. Habits can be hard to break. We may feel stuck because we don’t know how to move forward.  We only know what we’ve done, we haven’t explored new territory yet. The repetition of negative patterns can be destructive and keep us stuck in feelings of depression, anxiety, and sabotage our evolution. 

Through mindfulness practice we own up to the possibility of change and expand our story to allow truth to dominate our lives. In working with clients, I help them notice the cues that lead them to make self-destructive choices and show them how to make different choices. Healing does not need to be a complicated,long process. We can heal in each moment. By making different a different choice, reacting in a different way, we loosen the grip of the past.  This involves sitting with the uncomfortable emotions before we react.  

Cynthia Della Ripa is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. She works with children, adolescents, adults and seniors in various settings including schools, hospitals, adoption agencies and private practice. Currently, Cynthia works with adolescents struggling with mental health and addiction.